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I really need to start updatding more often…

The recording I did for Der Golem by Black Francis was finally released and is now sold out. Keep an eye on his site for more Golem releases.

Eric Drew Feldman’s band Knife and Fork is just about ready for mastering. And we also just remixed a song he did with P.J. Harvey about 14 years ago. Not sure if it will see the light of day, but it sounds great.

Zigaboo‘s record is sounding really good and coming along nicely and should be done in the next few months.


Recently in the studio with Zigaboo working on some new tracks for an upcoming release as well as some soundtrack stuff. Recording basics for

saxaphone player Earnest “Squeak” Brown for his second CD.


Had a great session with legendary saxophone player Pharoah Sanders for Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet. Here’s a picture. Sweet.

Did a cool session at Hyde with Emi Meyer for a Japaneese release. Also completed a record with Hardly Strictly Bluegrass founder and

Wrongers banjo player, Warren Hellman.


I can’t believe it’s been six months since my last update. I really should update more often…

Let’s see…

Did a couple of sessions with Ian Brennan. One with Brittish band The Cedars and one with guitarist Kyp Malone from T.V. on the Radio.

Recorded Black Francis for a soundtrack to a silent film called Der Golem at Hyde Street. Really sweet. Eric Drew Feldman, Ralph Carney, Joseph Pope, Duane Jarvis,
and Jason Carter recorded 30 something cues for this movie and then they performed it live at the Castro Theater in April. I believe there are plans to release it soon!

Here’s a picture of me (with funny hair) and Black Francis (or Frank Black) with EDF in the background at the Castro theater. (Thanks for the pic, John!)

We’ve been busy over at About Records. Both Tim Hockenberry and Larkin Gayl CDs have been released. George Daly and I made a great slideshow for Larkin’s song, “I Do”

And in the middle of making both those records, we made a record for Heidi Roizen called SkinnySongs.



The Peter Case CD, Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John, has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Traditional Folk Category! Sweet!


I just can’t seem to find time to update these days…

Peter Case‘s CD Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John is out and really good. I think we’re talkin’ Grammy. Check it out. Here at About Reocrds we are putting the finishing touches on Tim Hockenberry‘s CD. We’ve got some big time musicians on this one.George MarinelliDominc MillerBobby VegaJoe WeedChuck Ainlay and Mickey Jack Cones in Nashville; Me and George Daly mixing a few here on the west coast. Just finishing up mixing for analog tape enthusiest Mike Sweetland for an upcommingBackburner Blues Band CD. Chuck Lindo came into Hyde Street Studios for some electric guitar overdubs for an upcomming American Professionals CD.


Hello. Since my last update, I got really busy again. Did a great record with the rockin’ B-Cups.
Basics at Hyde Street Studios, Mixing at Nate Perry’s Take Root Recording Studio. Also, just about to finish up on another Air Force Band CD.This time it’s the rock band, Mobility.
We’ll be finishing up the record early next week at Hyde St. Larkin Gayl’s EP is done and we’re starting on her full length in the next couple of weeks. Check out her tracks here


Where to start…
Accoustic Guitar and Vocals for the talented Peter Case. Basic tracks for LowFat. Basic tracks for Coloma. Overdubs and Mixing
on Larkin’s record: Jim Rothermel on Sax and Clairinet. Chris Collins and Christian Riley on electric guitars.


Been too long since the last update. Working hard on the Larkin Gayl record for About Records. Musicians have included:

Joe Craven on fiddle, mandolin and percussion, Jon Evans on bass, and Joel Guzman on accordion, whurlitzer and keys.

“Backflow” is up on the Other Weapons myspace page.

Couple of weeks ago recorded jazz basics with singer Hanna Rifkin.

Also recorded voice overs for this project for Earwax Productions that’s kind of hard to describe. Click here for the details.


Finished mixing and tweaking “Backflow” with Chad Jones. Features Dr. Israel and Lady K. This track is smokin’.

Been doing a bunch of recording with industry veteran George Daly from About Records for two new artists on the label.

Also recorded some music for a Phil Angelides for Governor television comercial with Earwax‘s Barney Jones.


Worked with Capitol recording artist OK Go on a cover of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” for a T.V. commercial.
Produced by Eric Drew Feldman


Been awhile since I’ve updated and a lot has happend: Scored an independent movie with Mark Kozelek called “Farewell Bender” directed by Matt Oates . Mixed a record by sax legend Sonny Simmons with Producer Craig Morton. Mixed a four song E.P. with local band Farma. In the studio with The Heavenly States helping them clean up some live stuff with Producer Eric Drew Feldman for an upcomming movie about their recent trip and gig in Libya.


Basics with Hyde Street Studios owner Michael Ward. Drums by Michael Israel; Bass by Jeff Cleland; Guitar by Paul Robinson.

Also, working on a track with Hypnomadic‘s Chad Jones featuring Dr. Israel and Lady K.


Recorded some Moroccan music for Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet. Featuring Bouchaib AbdelhadiYassir Chadly, and Hafida Ghanim.

Produced by Les Stuck.


Spent four fun-filled days with I See Hawks In L.A. mixing their upcoming release. Also, a great session with Blues legend Howard Tate.

In the house was Terry Howard, Ray Charles’s engineer/producer for two decades.


Finished mixing 2 songs for Atlantic Hip-Hop artist Esbee. Last week recorded horns for the African band Kotojo


Recently finished up 2 good records: Giant Values “Released” and the latest from singer April Cope.

Working with producer Eric Drew Feldman, the psychedelic kids band The Sippy Cups finished 3 songs for an up coming release.


Just had a great session produced by Hal Willner with the extremely talented harpist/vocalist Joanna Newsome.
It’s for the Koi Pond-Night Event at The 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan.
Wish I had some pictures. Maybe next time.

Update 2/24/05: Added some last minute stuff to the Koi Pond Project. Two talented multi-intsrtumentalists came in and recorded
some great stuff: Bay Area Local Ralph Carney and from London David Coulter.

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