Been a while…

After about a year of taking a break from recording, I’m back in full swing.

Well, I didn’t take the whole year off.

I was working on new Frightwig tracks with Eric Drew Feldman. We did basics at Decibelle Recording, and are about to start mixing in the next few weeks.

And, the Cure For Gravity record is almost done. We have a couple more days at 25th Street Recording of 11th hour recording and mix touch ups.

Lastly, I’m knee deep in mixing Rob Waller’s Solo record. I’ve known Rob for at least 20 years. My very first record I made when I started at Hyde Street in the mid 90’s was with his band, The Magic Of Television. We made that record on 2″ tape and mixed on the Neve. That was a true learning experience. We spliced tape, flipped the tape upside down to make backwards reverb, triggered samples with the Eventide H3500, spent countless hours overdubbing and mixing.  One of my favorite nights was when Rob, Anthony Laques (Drums), and I were doing a midnight to 8am session. Around 1am, Shock G from Digital Underground showed up with a friend of his and asked if they could hang out and play pool. Of course, I said yes. Rob and Anthony were sort of freaking out that he was there and mustered up the courage to go talk to him. They told him they were big fans and then the two of them started reciting the lyrics to “Freaks of the Industry” in unison for him and his friend. Pretty great. We all had a good laugh, and then probably smoked some weed. (Kids: Drugs are bad!)

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