The Polyphonic Spree Christmas Record is done!

Eric Drew Feldman and I finished The Polyphonic Spree Christmas record!  All the revisions done; Masters and Instrumentals turned in.  It comes out on October 23rd on Kirtland Records. It was a lot of work, but it sounds great!

Eric sporting the pimp style white Audio Technica headphones while tracking his Celeste

Eric checking a mix with the classic black Audio Technica headphones.


I’ve got 3 Pictures published in Uncut Magazine!

In the August 2012 issue of Uncut magazine, there is a big review of Sun Kil Moon’s Among The Leaves.  They used three pictures that I took of Mark in the review.  These would be the first credited photos I’ve had in a printed publication.

“Black Kite” by Sun Kil Moon Makes Stereogums top 5 of the week!

Stereogum has listed my “Black Kite” video as the 4th best video of the week!

This is what they say:

Sun Kil Moon – “Black Kite” (Dir. Gabriel Shepard)

The stark visual from Sun Kil Moon’s “Black Kite” is a perfect complementary piece to the song’s overtly barren textures, a landscape that, while drab on the surface, presents underlying beauty and traquility.

via Stereogum

Click here for the complete list.

Sun Kil Moon “Black Kite” Video

I made a music video recently for a Sun Kil Moon song called “Black Kite”  A song I also recorded and mixed for the Among The Leaves release.  It went up on today for the world to see.  Enjoy!
  “Mark Kozelek’s Sun Kil Moon have released a video for “Black Kite”, the minimal closer from Among the Leaves. Directed by Gabriel Shepard, it depicts gloomy, subtly shifting shots of silhouetted tree branches, tall grass, a vast sea, and other natural, gray images.Subscribe to on YouTube here.”


Bruce Cockburn, Phil Madeira, and Sir Paul McCartney

A couple of months ago I recorded “Fool On The Hill” performed by Canadian Folk Legend, Bruce Cockburn.  The session was produced by Nashville Producer/Musician extraordinaire, Phil Madeira.  Bruce played a great version of the song and Phil laid down some sweet B3.  It’s gonna be on a McCartney benefit series for The Women and Cancer Fund hopefully soon.  Below is photographic proof:

Left to Right: David Ross (CEO, Reviver Music), Me, Bruce Cockburn, and Phil Madeira


The Meditone Project

Here’s a great project I got involved in sort of by accident. I was doing some prep mixing for Composer Christopher Ferreira at his home studio and when we were done one day, he played me a song from a project he had started called “The Meditone Project”  He had the music pretty much done for it and wanted help mixing it.  A few days before, my Family, along with my Mom, went up to Samuel P. Taylor park in Marin for a day in the woods.  I took some video with my phone via the Super 8 app.  After the song was over, I turned to him and said, “I think I have some video that will work with this song.”  I put the video together and asked if he could send me another song.  And then I told him to send me the rest and I would make more videos.  I’m almost done with the last one and should be up on the site in the next couple of weeks.  And now I have a couple of other people I’m going to make videos for.  It’s turned into an unexpected outlet of creativity that pushes the boundaries of my comfort zone.  Enjoy.

The Meditone Project


John Waters

Had a good half hour today with John Waters.  He was reading a forward he wrote for Riki Lake’s book Never Say Never.  He was super nice and blazed through his copy.

Here he is saying my name TWICE


And to prove I was there, photographic evidence:

Did you take the picture? Can I move now?