I’m on a Podcast!

I went over to Matt Boudreau’s house last week he recorded our conversation for his awesome podcast, Working Class Audio.

Go to his site and check it out. And subscribe to his podcast on itunes.

I can’t remember exactly when I met Matt, but it was a while ago. Probably at the studio he used to run called Broken Radio. I’ve run into him at various events over the years and am always happy to see him. We finally got a chance sit down and chat. Just so happens there were microphones there.


Recording Round up

Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to in the last month:

Finished mixing a 7 song EP for Andrew Bancroft, AKA, Jelly D. This is more of a singer/songwriter record with acoustic guitars, drums, and strings. One of the songs features Sean Hayes on background vocals.

Spent a day recording drums with Zigaboo Modeliste of the Meters at 25th Street Recording for an upcoming vinyl release. Very excited about this. The studio is a joy to work at. Top notch gear and great staff.

Had a great day at Decibelle Recording Studio in San Francisco recording seminal 80’s female punk band Frightwig featuring Eric Drew Feldman. This studio was called Mobius from 1976 to 2002. Now its run by JJ Wiesler and features some great gear with a great console.


MacClain & Cole “New Year’s Letter” free download!

Spent time before the new year recording a song for MacClain & Cole’s new mini EP.  We recorded the song at 25th Street Recording using nothing but Mercury Recording Equipment. The song is available for a free download and there’s a great video that Amy made for the song.  Enjoy!

Here’s the song:


Here’s the video that Amy made:

And here’s the breakdown of the recording:

Here’s the breakdown:
Jason’s Martin Acoustic Guitar:
A) Telefunken ELAM 251, around the 12th fret about 8″ away pointed slightly to
the body, into a Mercury GrandPreQ15 Studio Channel
B) Neumann KM84i next to the ELAM 251 pointed at the 12th fret, into another
Mercury GPQ15s
Amy’s Vocal:
Telefunken ELAM 251 > Mercury M72s > Mercury 66 > Mercury EQ-P1
Percussion: (Recorded through the vocal chain).
Telefunken ELAM 251 > Mercury M72s > Mercury 66 > Mercury EQ-P1
A) Telefunken ELAM 251, at about 10′ into a Mercury M76m/1
B) Neumann KM84i, about 6′ out in front of the kick, into a Mercury M72s >
Mercury 66 > Mercury EQ-P1
Bass: Direct into M76m/1

Polyphonic Spree “Holidaydream” Available Oct. 23rd on CD and Vinyl!

This is the Holiday record that Eric Drew Feldman and I mixed a couple of months ago.  Now it’s available on CD  and 180 gram vinyl tomorrow from Kirtland Records.  Here’s an early review of the disc from Slant Magazine.  Buy it!!

And I’m knee deep in mixing the Live CD as I write this.  It will be out January next year. Stay tuned!



Bad Unkl Sista

I just finished mixing this cool project by Bad Unkl Sista.  We recorded and mixed the music at Hyde Street Studios.  This project had some instrumentation that I don’t come across that often:  Throat singing, Hang, Giant 50″ drum with handmade iron tongue drum sitting on it, bowls, duduk.  The project came out sounding great and they are raising money to promote and take the show on the road. So throw some cash down already!!

kNIFE & fORK Cd getting good reviews!

I mixed this kNiFE & fORK record with Eric Drew Feldman.  Interesting side note:  Drums on this record were played by new Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarest Josh Klinghoffer, recorded by yours truly at Hyde Street Studios. It’s been making the rounds in all the cool magazines and websites and getting good reviews.  Here are a few:


7 out of 10 from Uncut Magazine!

4 Stars from Mojo!!


No rating on this one, but they like it!