MacClain & Cole “New Year’s Letter” free download!

Spent time before the new year recording a song for MacClain & Cole’s new mini EP.  We recorded the song at 25th Street Recording using nothing but Mercury Recording Equipment. The song is available for a free download and there’s a great video that Amy made for the song.  Enjoy!

Here’s the song:


Here’s the video that Amy made:

And here’s the breakdown of the recording:

Here’s the breakdown:
Jason’s Martin Acoustic Guitar:
A) Telefunken ELAM 251, around the 12th fret about 8″ away pointed slightly to
the body, into a Mercury GrandPreQ15 Studio Channel
B) Neumann KM84i next to the ELAM 251 pointed at the 12th fret, into another
Mercury GPQ15s
Amy’s Vocal:
Telefunken ELAM 251 > Mercury M72s > Mercury 66 > Mercury EQ-P1
Percussion: (Recorded through the vocal chain).
Telefunken ELAM 251 > Mercury M72s > Mercury 66 > Mercury EQ-P1
A) Telefunken ELAM 251, at about 10′ into a Mercury M76m/1
B) Neumann KM84i, about 6′ out in front of the kick, into a Mercury M72s >
Mercury 66 > Mercury EQ-P1
Bass: Direct into M76m/1

“Black Kite” by Sun Kil Moon Makes Stereogums top 5 of the week!

Stereogum has listed my “Black Kite” video as the 4th best video of the week!

This is what they say:

Sun Kil Moon – “Black Kite” (Dir. Gabriel Shepard)

The stark visual from Sun Kil Moon’s “Black Kite” is a perfect complementary piece to the song’s overtly barren textures, a landscape that, while drab on the surface, presents underlying beauty and traquility.

via Stereogum

Click here for the complete list.

Sun Kil Moon “Black Kite” Video

I made a music video recently for a Sun Kil Moon song called “Black Kite”  A song I also recorded and mixed for the Among The Leaves release.  It went up on today for the world to see.  Enjoy!
  “Mark Kozelek’s Sun Kil Moon have released a video for “Black Kite”, the minimal closer from Among the Leaves. Directed by Gabriel Shepard, it depicts gloomy, subtly shifting shots of silhouetted tree branches, tall grass, a vast sea, and other natural, gray images.Subscribe to on YouTube here.”


The Meditone Project

Here’s a great project I got involved in sort of by accident. I was doing some prep mixing for Composer Christopher Ferreira at his home studio and when we were done one day, he played me a song from a project he had started called “The Meditone Project”  He had the music pretty much done for it and wanted help mixing it.  A few days before, my Family, along with my Mom, went up to Samuel P. Taylor park in Marin for a day in the woods.  I took some video with my phone via the Super 8 app.  After the song was over, I turned to him and said, “I think I have some video that will work with this song.”  I put the video together and asked if he could send me another song.  And then I told him to send me the rest and I would make more videos.  I’m almost done with the last one and should be up on the site in the next couple of weeks.  And now I have a couple of other people I’m going to make videos for.  It’s turned into an unexpected outlet of creativity that pushes the boundaries of my comfort zone.  Enjoy.

The Meditone Project